Dissent not allowed

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The Church of Global Warming does not permit dissent in any way, shape or form, and from whatever quarter. Anyone who disagrees is hounded and pilloried as a heretic.

University and other kinds of scientific research that point to global warming having plateaued and/or being on the vane is being rejected out of hand as being “not representative”, etc. Why? Because it disagrees and does not fit into the agenda. Simple!

Climate change is real and human activity, such as general pollution from burning coal, oil, and even natural gas, is to blame, as is the deforestation of our Planet, which has been rampant ever since the very beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

However, the CO2 people lead the charge and every bit of ice melting, glacier receding, etc., is being blamed on CO2 and global warming and this mantra is held to firmly even in the face of evidence to the contrary such as, in the case of Himalayan glacial melt (and others), that is caused by soot, referred to nowadays by some as “brown” or “black” carbon. It's soot, period! And this points, once again, to the problem of general pollution that the Hippies of the 1960s and 1970s already warned about.

But, as general pollution and soot cannot be traded and they have designed this nice system of carbon credits, carbon certificates and carbon trading exchanges, no one is permitted to upset the applecart of this nice source of income for carbon traders and those that get a cut from this trade in modern-day indulgences.

It seems that the truth does not count in this case, as in the far number of others, simply because there is lots of profit to be made and the truth would interfere in this endeavor.

Our Planet's climate is indeed changing and the Earth is throwing a serious wobbly but it appears that there are many other man-made, and also natural, factors at play that are the cause of this and not just CO2 emissions. Many other emissions and pollution is much more of a problem, especially also to human and animal health and the health of the Planet.

We all will have to make some serious changes to our lives and not just in the way of reducing fossil fuel use. A total rethink is required of how we use and abuse our Planet and Her resources.

However, trading in indulgences is not one of those changes and is going to do nothing for the Planet nor to stop any kind of climate change. Carbon trading certificates are just a get out that has no benefits bar for the traders and issuers.

A real change in the way we live and work is what is needed and that everywhere. That includes working closer to where we live or living closer to where we work, conserving energy and water, driving less and walking and cycling more, reducing waste including and especially food waste, consuming less, etc. and not carbon trading.

© 2013