Weather apologizes for late running of Spring 2013

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The weather has apologized for the late running of Spring 2013. The Season is being held up due to snow on the tracks.

As in the days of good old British Rail – and I'd rather have them than the current operators – the message would have been that is was the wrong kind of weather causing the delay. The wrong kind of weather for sure.

Then again, if we are old enough to remember (no, not British Rail) there were times in Britain, even in the South of the country, when winter stayed on until well into April.

Punxsutawney Phil also would like to apologize for predicting, accidentally, an early Spring. He says that he is a rodent and not a meteorologist and then again, if we look at their record, they are not very accurate either many a times.

Signs of Spring are out in the woodlands, for instance, but I am sure many of the plants that have decided to stick their noses, or flowers, in this case, above the parapet rather wish that they had waited a little longer.

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