Creating the good worker and obedient citizen of tomorrow

The brief of the public school system

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

“If you or your child does not fit the current educational model, this entails that they will not be a good fit for the mass work force”. That, at least, is the premise and a statement from the SCANS report.

How in any shape, way or form is that helpful, freedom, or even make sense is rather questionable. This, however, is the aim of public education, let no one believe otherwise.
So where is it coming from, where is the driving force?

A report called The SCANS and was not written by the Secretary of Education or anyone in the Department; it was written by the secretary of LABOR.

This is not being driven by education but it is being driven by the big, big industries. It is industries and government (remember they need obedient citizens) that are driving those changes.

When one reads the SCANS all it talks about is how to have the proper “worker of tomorrow”. And children are not referred to as children (in this report) but as “human resource material”, and as “human capital”. This is business telling education what business needs or wants in a worker of tomorrow.

Some teachers believe that they are being taught to teach children to think... but that only while they are in teacher college. When they get into the schools they will see the world of the education system is different and that their job, as the authorities see it, is to create obedient citizens and good workers of tomorrow. Teaching children to think and to question the system is not going to be on the curriculum and the agenda.

The US system, and that of so many other countries, are based on the same Prussian system that was used and still is in Germany and which also makes attendance at public school compulsory. All in order to create, by means of brainwashing, the obedient citizen and wage slave.

The aim of (compulsory) schooling, under government curricula, is not to create people who can think for themselves and to think critical but people who do as they are told and who go into the jobs they are told to go into (more or less in the latter case).

The Prussian system in fact did the latter. Companies used to have their own schools for the children of the workers where they created obedient slaves to the state and the business.

Krupp in Germany did that until about the time of the Second World War and also still during it. But also the Victorian school system in Britain was one that indoctrinated kids into being obedient subjects and, as far as the working classes are concerned, that their station in life was nothing but that of a worker. Any thought of becoming a doctor or such was suppressed, with beatings even.

The modern school system is nothing different, just a little more subtle than those previous incarnations.

Wake up and act...

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