Use your pencil to the end

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

If you use a pencil, and if you are drawing or doing a lot of writing where you cannot rely on a pen to work properly, then you probably do.

pencil_stubHowever, how far down can you still, more or less comfortably, use a pencil stub. Not all that far if you have large hands and also if you still want to do proper work.

But this dilemma was overcome many years ago, only too often today we don't consider that anymore, by the extender. They can still be gotten and are the answer to the problem.

As with pencils it is good to use anything and everything to the end rather than tossing it out with it not being used up altogether.

How many people toss their bottle of cooking oil, or dish-washing liquid, or whatever else, out with dregs remaining. Not me. But then people would consider me strange.

I turn such bottles upside down into a glass jar and thus, over the period of a few hours, have the dregs from the bottles run into the jar for future use.

Vegetable oil thus collected is used for treating and thereby preserving wooden products, such as wooden utensils and such like that I carve and dish-washing liquid thus obtained becomes a liquid soap for washing hands, etc.

The same goes for paper reuse in that all paper that is but printed on one side, from press releases and other sources, and even on “green” events press releases are all too often still on paper, and all too often printed single-sided, are used for printing what needs printing, at times, the making of notebooks and for printing lined notepaper for writing drafts (from a template).

So, waste not want not, and you save money and help the Planet.

© 2013