How to control a nation and its people

Distract, Deceive, Divide, Indoctrinate, Disarm

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Contol of a countryThe first thing is to use the weapons of mass distraction, namely the media with radio and television having proven to be the most effective in this matter. Hitler knew this in regards to radio and that was why the People's Receiver, the Volksempfänger, was made cheaply.

Those weapons of mass distraction are then employed with the second means, namely deception. And to do that the government or its cronies need to own the media outlets and the editors.

When we look at today's media world they have succeeded – well, almost – in that almost all media, including now book publishing in many cases, are in the hands of the Murdoch empire, under News Corp., and by a couple of more of his kind.

The Internet has become a thorn in their eye by now as it is (often) the only way for the people to get alternative news. It is for that reason that the powers-that-be, in the EU and the US, want control of the Internet. The claim that it is to protect the children from online pornography and such like is baloney. In order to entirely be able to brainwash the people they need to control the Internet.

Further to control a nation one has to divide the people, indoctrinate them and disarm them.

One has to establish a school system along the Prussian lines where children are taught not to think for themselves but are told what to think and are brainwashed into becoming obedient servants to the state and slaves to the established order and good workers to industry and commerce.

Critical thinking is being discouraged and even disallowed and homeschooling, even where officially permitted by law, is being discouraged with the authorities, such as in the UK, trying to intimidate homeschooling parents that the law states, which it does not, that they must send the kids to school and that, if they don't, their children will be taken into care.

The powers-that-be fear a population capable of critical thought and of thinking for themselves in the same way as they fear an armed citizenry, however lightly.

The main points by which the control is achieved is by distraction, deception, division of the people, indoctrination and disarmament. A people that are distracted and divided are easily deceived, can easily be indoctrinated and without arms are defeated. They are then at the mercy of the powers-that-be and can and will be led like sheep to slaughter.

Become discerning and learn to think and research for yourself. Don't just believe everything you read in the papers (or even on the Net), hear on the radio and see on the TV. It is distraction and indoctrination aimed to turn you into obedient slaves of the state.

© 2013