Science and facts

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Recently I read a statement as to science vs faith where it was dais that science adjusts its theories according to new findings as opposed to faith.

This is, however, not true, as to science, in many instances. All too often academics falsify the fact in order for the “facts” to fit in with their theories and to support them and this can be seen as regards to archeology, as well as climate “science” and everything in between.

The best example is the refusal to accept research that questions their findings. Such research is then written off, as vociferous as possible, as being non-representative, or such.

We can see this with climate “science”, as much as with Gypsy studies, or the issue about the discovery of North America. Nothing is allowed to disturb the status quo and scientists and academics who argue against this “accepted” line are ostracized, even to such an extent that they are no longer able to work.

Science, especially climate “science”, is as dogmatic as the Roman Catholic Church before Vatican II and if they but could they'd have an office of the climate church inquisition also. To some the Earth might as well be flat.

That all science is prepared to adjust theories according to new findings, thus, is a myth. The fact is that often the entrenchment is so deep that they cannot even see over the parapet.

Not everything is true even if it says that scientists have discovered it.

© 2013