Fiskars Dads don't want socks, ties or mugs for Fathers Day

Fiskars Dads get out in the great outdoors this Father's Day

1. Fiskars Dads build good log fires

Campfires are part of every happy childhood. It's the time for dads to get in touch with their protective nature by chopping enough wood to keep the family warm. The Fiskars X25 Axe splits though felled logs with ease, leaving plenty of energy to enjoy the toasted marshmallows.

122460 Splitting Axe X17 - Action_1765_2Closer to home

The Fiskars range of axes offer virtually unbreakable, lightweight handles and super sharp blades that slice through wood. From clearing the garden to restocking the log pile, the X25 Axe is a must-have addition to the garden shed.

The Fiskars X25 Splitting Axe has an RRP of £64.00

2. Fiskars Dads are always quick to hand

Fathers should be prepared for any adventure. A shelter may need building, perhaps a platform to fend off crocodiles. This handy super sharp retractable saw ensures dads will be ready for any scenario.

3484-RK-7323_237_2Closer to home

The Fiskars Xtract™ saw is pretty handy around the garden too, effortlessly sawing through branches. With a soft grip handle and finger guard protection, smooth retractable action and handy belt clip, the Fiskars Xtract™ garden is an indispensible tool for any father.

The Fiskars Xtract™ Garden Saw has an RRP of £24.99

3. Fiskars Dads are jungle kings

When the perfect campsite sits behind dense undergrowth, even the most rugged of dads can find the going tough. So he is sure to appreciate the Fiskars Brush Hook X3. With an incredibly light handle and super sharp blade, the jungle can be cleared with minimal effort. Leaving plenty of energy for chopping logs for the campfire.

126003 160001 Action mix_1918_2Closer to home

The Fiskars Brush Hook X3 is the perfect tool for thinning trees and thinning out thicker branches.

A hooked end prevents slipping and virtually unbreakable and ultra light FibreComp™ handle assures precise handling.

The Fiskars Brush Hook X3 has an RRP of £39.99

4. Fiskars Dads are always prepared

You never know when you might need to dig for hidden treasure, build a snow hole, or simply tunnel your way out of trouble. Dads should be ready for any predicament, so the Fiskars Car Shovel is the perfect gift for Dads that are out and about.

131520 - Action (2)_1165_2Closer to home

Ergonomically designed handles and sturdy aluminium shaft are the hallmark for this rugged shovel. Compact in design, it stows perfectly in the car boot and is ideal for shoveling snow, sand and offroad mud.

The Fiskars Light Car Spade has an RRP of £19.99

5. Fiskars Dads are high achievers

It may be a tree house or a hideout to keep safe from bears, whenever thick branches are needed, outdoor dads will be glad they have the very best loppers to hand. Engineered in aluminum with super comfy cork handles and three times the cutting power - the Quantum™ Bypass Loppers are the perfect gift for fathers that demand the highest standards.

112240 - Action (6)_9711_2Closer to home

Designed for those that appreciate precision engineering, maximized cutting power and professional standard, the Fiskars Quantum™ range is the optimum gift for fathers who like tools that work hard and look stunning.

Fiskars Quantum™ Bypass Loppers has an RRP of £64.99

Reinventing Gardening

Fiskars tools are examples of the company's aspiration to reinvent the gardening experience through the use of advanced engineering and materials. We believe that all things, even the simplest, can be made better and smarter so that work in the garden becomes easier, lighter, more efficient and simply more pleasurable - which is ultimately what gardening should be all about.

Fiskars garden tools are available nationwide in garden centres, DIY stores and online.

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