Mississippi Republicans want to prohibit towns from establishing a minimum wage

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

As President Obama pushes to increase the national minimum wage, Mississippi Republicans are digging in their heels to prevent any similar efforts in their State.

A bill currently working its way through the Republican-controlled Mississippi legislature aims to ensure that no local government enacts a mandatory minimum wage or other worker protections. Mississippi has no statewide minimum wage whatsoever (so it follows the national minimum wage).

The 2012 national Republican platform made clear that the party believes in local decision-making. Endorsing the notion of “solving local and State problems through local and State innovations,” the GOP pledged to “restore the proper balance between the federal government and the governments closest to, and most reflective of, the American people”.

But the idea that local governments might pass legislation to guarantee workers a livable hourly wage scares legislators like State Rep. Jerry R. Turner (R). His proposal, House Bill 141, mandates:

No county, board of supervisors of a county, municipality or governing authority of a municipality is authorized to establish a mandatory, minimum living wage rate, minimum number of vacation or sick days, whether paid or unpaid, that would regulate how a private employer pays its employees.

The bill claims that such a law is “necessary to ensure an economic climate conducive to new business development and job growth in the State of Mississippi.” While it notes that any debate on such matters “should be assigned to the Mississippi Legislature,” it also specifically states that the majority is “not suggesting a state minimum wage or minimum benefit package.” The bill passed the House earlier in February 2013 and now awaits action in the Senate’s Accountability, Efficiency, Transparency Committee.

Turner drew attention earlier this year for a bill prohibiting localities from establishing New York City-style regulations on unhealthy foods or requiring additional nutritional labeling at fast food restaurants.

Everywhere we see this happening, it would appear. Workers are squeezed and pressed more and more losing money in real terms while the capitalists grow richer on the exploitation of the working-class.

While it is true, in the USA and elsewhere, that the governing class has no interest, whatsoever, whatever they may claim, to improve the lot of the working-class, the GOP and their ilk seem to be in the forefront, much like their British cousins, the Tories, to make the lot of the workers worse still every day.

When we look at Britain, even though, and that only, even though one may be no friend of the EU, through European Union directives, has a minimum wage, though still no so-called living wage, the lot of the working-class still is a bad one as the cost of living keeps running away from any increase in wages.

A living wage would be slightly above inflation and keep pace with any increase in the cost of living but that is not what the powers-that-be intend too happen. They, after all, need the poor and unemployed to wave poverty and unemployment like a Damocles sword over the workers.

We do not need a new government, we need a new system, and that everywhere.

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