Megahome Water Distiller – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Megahome Water Distiller from J D Harris Ltd

Do you live in an area with hard water? Are you concerned about the possibility fluoride or other nasties in your tap water? Or is your water source not healthy? Then a water distiller is what is called for and what you need. Also saves buying expensive bottled water; expensive for you and your wallet.

water-distiller-with-plastic-bottle-500x500As this is an electrical device it does consume energy in the form of electricity and, according to the specifications a whacking 580W, requiring between four and six hours to produce four liters (one US gallon) of water but, compared to buying bottled water, which is not even as pure as home-distilled (tap) water, it will make sense I think.

The buying of bottled water is really something that we should avoid as more often than not it is nothing more than tap water, filtered if we are lucky. If you are lucky and your municipal water that comes out of your tap is OK and and if you are not concerned about possible fluoridation of your water then the simple way to use it is as it comes and if you don't like the chlorine in it then you can, for sure, use a simple and cheap counter top gravity filter jug.

The latter do need watching, however, as to changing filters regularly and also should, ideally, despite the name, not actually live on the counter top, as light will cause algae growth which may not only be unsightly but could also constitute a health issue and risk.

To be more or less 100% certain you get pure water to drink, with chlorine, fluoride, and other contaminants, as far as possible, removed the only way is to distill your own water.

Water distillers used to be bulky and expensive and not something you could or would want to have sitting in your kitchen.

The Megahome Water Distiller, available in the UK from J D Harris Ltd., aka The General Trading Company (Europe), made in Taiwan, which means the Republic of China and not the People's Republic, aka China, on the other hand is neither too expensive nor ugly. In fact, it will look rather good on your counter top.

Although in the specifications of the device it is said that the power consumption is 580W in tests it shows up to be just 435W (measured with the OWL meter) and while this still is high – about a third of what your kettle consumes if it is energy efficient – and at a running time of four to six hours consumes, therefore, quite a bit of electricity you get perfectly clean and pure water which also tastes great; better than any of the bottled stuff, for sure.

After a little less than thirty minutes the first water is being “produced” and the unit shuts itself off when the cycle is completed. No need to watch it and water distillation can, therefore, be done at any time.

While, as said, a fair bit of electricity is being consumed in the distillation process the result is pure and great tasting water and if you are concerned about what may be in your tap, or well, water then this is definitely the way to go.

The unit does get somewhat hot – though not hot enough to burn yourself – during the process of distilling the water and also the cooling fan begins, after a time, to put out warm air. Thus allow it space above to do its work and also keep children away from the rather warm steel body of the distiller.

As the water produced itself is hot allow it to stand to cool before putting the large polypropylene bottle into the refrigerator. Once cold you can decant the water into glass bottles for use.

Once you have experienced the taste of the distilled tap water produced by the Megahome Water Distiller as a beverage you will never want to go back to drinking bottled water again and at an estimated 9pence a liter production cost, plus the cost of your water per liter which, more than likely, is but a fraction of a penny a liter, I believe it works out very cheap indeed compared to bought bottled water.

For further information, including a video about the water distiller, I would like to refer you to the website


Verdict: Judging by the results so far I would give the Megahome Water Distiller a definite 5 out of 5.

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