Fascism in Germany did not start with Hitler and the NSDAP

Fascism in Germany did not start with Hitler and the NSDAP and neither did it end there

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

It has often been suggested and is generally assumed that Fascism in Germany equals National-Socialism and thus began with Hitler and the NSDAP. Truth is, however, that those ideas were operational, even in government, well before Hitler ever began with the NSDAP and even before he wrote “Mein Kampf”. Hitler and the NSDAP was just the, then, latest manifestation of fascism in Germany. It neither started with Hitler and the NSDAP and neither did it end there.

The German ruling classes have had the seeds of Fascism in their veins long before Hitler and the NSDAP ever were formed and for that very reason the party and Hitler found the ruling classes, in the main, most receptive and very forthcoming with money and gifts.

Fascism in Germany also did not end with the end of World War Two and the collapse of the Third Reich. Nay, it continued, aided and abetted by the Western Allies, who allowed most Nazis to go free, and the Catholic Church under Pope Pius XII, until this very day.

The beginning of Fascism in Germany are lost in the mist of time but while Jews were accepted, more or less, under the kings of Prussia and the emperor Wilhelm II the Gypsy always knew the power of the state against him.

The German people, and it may be seen as politically incorrect to say so, but it shall be said nevertheless, have had a problem with foreigners and people that appeared foreign to them, for a great many centuries, and their obeisance to those in power, often seen so as “by the grace of G-d”, has colored their judgment and shrouded their vision and thus they fall for many a rabblerouser such as the likes of Hitler who promotes ideas of “bringing Germany back to the position it is due in Europe (the world) and such like.

While not all Germans are “bad” the great majority are, unfortunately, and seen by the gains that the right-wing groups make among the people though, maybe, not as yet in the polls the evidence speaks for itself. The reluctance, in fact the refusal, by the ruling classes to disallow and ban parties such as the NPD, the National-democratic Party, though don't let the democratic in the title confuse you, who are nothing but the official follow-on organization to the NSDAP, and the DVU, Deutsche Volks-Union, the German People's Union, also shows where they actually stand.

Very few parties in the German political scene actually stand against the Nazis of the NPD, the DVU and others, and the Liberals, the FDP, actually scuppered the attempt to have the NPD and others banned in March 2013.

The current economic crisis throughout the European Union, and not just in the Euro bloc, is causing a resurgence of Fascism in many countries, including and especially Hungary and others countries of the former Warsaw Pact.

In Germany also there is a serious resurgence of fascist sympathies amongst the general population though, as said, so far this has not manifested itself with success of the fascist parties such as the NPD and the DVU in more than local elections.

Pogroms against Gypsies, however, are occurring already frequently in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, and also in Germany.

The fascists today also are no longer the Skinheads of previous years, the brain-dead youth with their shaven heads, swastika tattoos and such like. The new Nazis wear Armani suits and are also, to a great degree, the offspring of the landed gentry of old who have come to reclaim their estates in the former GDR, Poland and the Sudetenland; and the NPD always had the men in suits, and it is those that are the real danger.

Also returning to Germany are the old and young Nazis from the German colonies in South America, such as from Blumenau in Santa Caterina and others in Parana and Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, as well as Paraguay and Argentina, and they have been doing so for a considerable time now, ever since the conquest and occupation by West Germany of the German Democratic Republic.

Counter demonstrations to fascist marches in Germany are banned or attacked by the police with riot shields and force the Nazis can march and do as they like and rarely, very rarely, are they prosecuted for Nazi salutes and the like, which are unlawful in Germany, theoretically. And, while the SED, the Socialist Unity Party, the Freed German Youth and the Young Pioneers have been declared illegal organizations and even the wearing of the blue shirt of the FDJ (or even a shit similar to it) with or without insignia will lead to arrest the NPD and others of their ilk can carry on plying their ugly trade.

It seems therefore rather obvious that Germany is (again) leaning to the right, towards Fascism, but this is not all that new for during the Cold War the anti-communist rhetoric was obvious enough to determine from which direction the wind was blowing and that direction was right and the color was brown.

From the very beginning West Germany, the so-called Federal Republic of Germany, with bar a few exceptions, was run by people with a serious Nazi past, whether in the CDU or and especially the CSU. One of the very few German Chancellors that was not thus tainted was Willy Brandt and it is therefore rather difficult to understand why the East German Stasi should have used a spy to destroy him as Brandt, who once has a different name, was true and ardent Social-Democrat who was very left. More left, probably, than he could let on.

The West Germany large industries returned immediately after the war back into the hands of those that ran them before the war and who were the big supporters of Hitler and his ilk, such as Krupp, Siemens, Bayer, Zeiss Wetzlar (once Zeiss Jena), Walther guns, as well as Hckeler & Koch, and many others, and the same is true in other areas, such as the military, police and intelligence service, most notorious the Gehlen Organization which became, with Gehlen in charge, the Bundesnachrichtendienst, the German Secret Service.

It is hardly necessary to continue pointing out how, aided and abetted by the Western Allies, especially the USA, the former Nazis could continue in all fields in Germany and thus still continue to this day. There is something dark and evil in the German soul and it needs to be dealt with.

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