Vapestick XL Starter Kit (with slimline V Charger Case) – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

This is the newest addition to the Vapestick range of electronic cigarettes and includes a stylish slimline charger case. Very useful when you are out and about and cannot charge your batteries from another source.

black-slim-charger-case--black-cigs-right-sideThe case itself contains a rechargeable battery which then, in turn, charges the batteries. The case itself is charged/recharged by means of an USB lead (supplied) from the PC or Laptop and I have found its charge to be enough to charge two XL batteries.

Another USB charger lead is also supplied fro charging the battery outside the case, either via the PC/Laptop or a USB charger.

This starter kit comes complete with five cartomizers in five different flavors and two different strengths; cherry, apple and menthol in 1.8% nicotine and tobacco and original in 2.4% nicotine.

The new cartomizers are by far better than the old style atomizers and refill cartridges and Vapestick's cartomizers are, in my opinion, superior to those of other makers.

The new XL slimline V charger case does not, theoretically, work with the old XL batteries as the latter are just a few millimeters too short. This can be overcome, however, by putting some foam onto the inside under the flap of the case of by using a small silicone cap, such as those from the MAX cartomizers, on top of the battery. But, I would not recommend doing that as this could cause the case not to work, without such an addition, as I have found.

The case is extremely elegant, if I may use that word, in design, as is the XL E-cigarette itself, and one can only say “Well done!”

Having tried out a fair number of electronic cigarettes I must say that the Vapestick ones are the best by far. In addition to that Vapestick's customer service is second to none.

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Verdict: Well, if I could give more than five out of five I would do so.

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