We just move threatened woodlands, says minister

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

They walk among us (well, not really, but) and worst of all they are running, or should I better say ruining, the country.

Responding to concerns raised by objectors to the High Speed Two route to Birmingham and its extension to Manchester and beyond as to the proposed route cutting through many ancient woodlands a minister from the Con-Dem coalition government stated that that was going to be no problem at all.

“We just move the woods to a safe place”, said the minister.

Really? One can but wonder on which planet those people actually dwell or do they think that they are gods. Maybe they really think that they are the latter.

The old adage of engaging brain prior to opening mouth should be one that our politicians really should take to heart. It shows that they are either stupid or do not listen to people or, possibly, both.

It would be most interesting to watch, I am sure, as to how the minister is intending to accomplish the moving of ancient woodlands. I for one would like to book a front row seat. May I can learn a few tricks of how to move an entire forests. Could come in handy some day.

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