School three months without heating and counting

School three months without heating and children still forced to attend

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Basildon, Essex, UK, March 2013: A primary school has been left without heating for three month and children at Willow Primary School in Basildon, Essex, are forced to sit in their classrooms in coats, hats and gloves.

They have had to endure harsh winter conditions with only temporary heaters to keep them warm, after council bosses decided not to repair the broken heating system until the summer holidays, which is still months away.

Parents say that the heaters brought to the school only warm up very small areas and are totally inadequate and one parent claims that her 11-year-old daughter fell ill due to the exposure to constantly low temperatures.

However, totally unconcerned, headteacher Dave Bridges denied that it was too cold.. “If I felt areas of the school were not warm enough I would close them.”

A spokesman for conservative-run Essex County Council said: “The pipework needs to be replaced but this cannot be done during term-time as it would cause major disruption.”

The only answer to this dilemma is the closure of the school for the period that such repairs would take, even if that means that for the week or even four the children would not attend school.

Replacement is also required for the headteacher and the county council who both have such disregard for the health of the children.

We do not need a new government, we need a new system, and as far as schools are concerned we do not need them, full stop.

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