Coffee is good for you

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Isn't it amazing how science can change its tune? For decades if not more we have been told that drinking (too much) coffee is bad for the heart, and such, while other cultures have know the benefits for ages, and now the experts that before said no say yes.

It is the same scientists that told us that margarine, a few molecules removed from plastic was good for us while butter was bad. The opposite is being proven once again, namely that using margarine and vegetable oils for cooking, especially frying, is bad and butter, in fact better if not indeed best.

It is also reckoned that the longevity of Greek islanders can be attributed to their coffee habits, though it is claimed that the way it is made and the type of coffee make it low in caffeine. I would suggest that the people who say that have never drunk that coffee of an evening. But this is boiled coffee, the way it is made in Turkey and all over the Balkan and this is different to the way we, in the Western world, which here includes Australia and New Zealand, make our coffee.

Benefits of coffee

The graphic above – OK, it is produced by a coffee shop chain and they may be biased – shows some of the health benefits associated with drinking coffee and, it would appear also from other sources, that the majority of the health scares were but myths. So, let's go an have a coffee or two or even three...

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