Armed police raid home for toy gun

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

UK : A Facebook picture of an Action Man posing next to a toy mortar sparked a raid by armed police.

Ian Driscoll's picture showed the plastic figure with the 6 inch (no that was not the caliber) mortar in the background next to a TV remote.

The 43-year-old was 'shocked and stunned' when police arrived at his home in Twekesbury, Gloucestershire, a months later.

Gloucestershire Police said the tip-off it had received was given in 'good faith' and that they acted with good intentions.

I really do not know what one can say to actions such as this and it is very similar to the one of some fifteen or so years ago when a young boy who, sitting on a garage roof with his BB-gun, in camouflages and reading a book, was confronted by armed police because someone had called them as to this armed person.

On the other hand, had this been a real mortar and a real person in the Facebook picture, and my G-d as the picture included a TV remote for size comparison they should have known better, then they were a little late and damage would have been done already.

I think we can but that our fates that we effective police agencies (and yes, I am being sarcastic here) that are protecting us.

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