Axminster Carpets gone into liquidation

Another great British company has gone to the wall...

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Axminster_LogoIn the week commencing March 4, 2013 it was announced that Axminster Carpets, a prestigious British company that can trace its history back 250 years, has gone into receivership and most of its 400 staff are to lose their jobs.

Axminster Carpets is, or do I have to say now was, one of very few carpet manufacturers who can lay claim to ‘from fleece to floor’, as Axminster Carpets produced spun its own yarns from which the carpets where then produced.

Axminster Carpets make woven Axminsters and Wiltons as well as highest quality tufted carpets, all famous for comfort and long lasting durability, recommended by generations.

The company is located in the Axminster area of the beautiful countryside of the English county of Devon and was on e of the largest private employer in that county.

While banks have been bailed out by the government and car companies normally seem to get the same treatment, whether in Britain or the USA, established prestigious companies such as Axminster Carpets and others are sent to the wall.

Bankers' bonuses, however, must be guaranteed, says the Prime Minister, as otherwise Britain would turn into a “zombie country”. It is not the banks that will ever make the country; it is businesses such as Axminster Carpets and others that those whose pockets get filled by bankers and large corporations who outsource jobs allow to go to the wall. Soon we will have no manufacturers and manufacturing of any kind going on in Britain, at least not by British-owned companies.

As usual the Con-Dem coalition acts disgracefully and even Thatcher would not have, I am sure, allowed the old British companies to die while bolstering banks and foreign corporations.

But, as mentioned before, we do not need a new government; we need a new system.

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