Rock Croft Safe Eyes wrap around safety goggles – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

In 2011 I reviewed the original style of the Safe Eyes unfoggable stainless steel mesh protective eye wear from Rock Croft and found them to be very good indeed.

Safe Eye Wrap-Arounds_smlAt Saltex 2012 I obtained a sample of the newest design of those “goggles”, this time in the more “fashionable” wrap around style and they really look good, or should I say “cool”, and wear well.

In some countries it is not required for chainsaw operators to wear eye protection (like wrap around ballistic glasses) under the mesh visor of the helmet as the visor, though being a steel mesh, does not protect from all debris. Also the mesh of the visor is not impact proof and can be penetrated, as I have found out myself. The Safe Eyes mesh goggles, on the other hand, are.

For this very reason it is now, as said, requirement for chainsaw operators in German forestry wrap-around safety goggles under the helmet visor. Problem is, though, that ordinary goggles tend to fog up and this is not a good idea when using a chainsaw as the latter does not take prisoners.

As ordinary safety goggles are prone to fogging, and not only in cold weather, mesh goggles, such as the Rock Croft Safe Eyes are the better and safer choice.

I have found them to wear well, without any fogging, due to the fact that the “lenses” are stainless steel wire mesh, blackened, and thus you are not being blinded by fogged up goggles during your work.

Looking though the mesh does, though, need getting used to a little but that is hardly a problem and it takes but little time to adjust to it.

Great piece of kit and also not expensive.

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