GardenToolbox Look into Offering an Advice Service

gI_81127_20GardenToolbox have announced that they are looking into incorporating an advice/Q&A service into their blog or another dedicated platform. The step will hopefully involve customers and other garden enthusiasts with the brand a bit more whilst providing a wealth of advice for the general public to benefit from.

Evesham, Worcestershire, March 2013 : Many retailers are happy enough to just sell their products and have as little involvement with the customers as possible. GardenToolbox is the exact opposite; they want to interact; they want to form a relationship with their customers in order to show appreciation for their time and custom.

One of the ideas thought up by the staff at GardenToolbox is an advice service; best likened to a Q&A. People who have a query or question about their garden will post onto the blog or dedicated message board and the experienced green thumbs in the business will reply back with an answer as best they can.

Gabi one of the keen gardening enthusiasts within the workforce commented: “Obviously there will be questions we can’t always answer, but that will spur us to research more and learn things we hadn’t previously considered. At the same time we need to balance this Q&A advice service with normal business hours in order to avoid neglecting work; so it’s likely that we’ll be answering these questions in our own time after work hours. We’re looking to get this setup before the summer months so that people can get their questions answered in time for the good weather.”

GardenToolbox has for many years stocked a wide range of gardening tools and equipment – so it goes without saying that they have quite a considerable knowledge on a lot of things gardening related.

Obviously they will most likely be promoting things that they sell where possible, but Gabi reassured us of the following: “If we need to answer a question and recommend a product, item or something from another retailer, we will. Hopefully, everyone realises the importance of being honest and sincere and those are principles that we stick by, regardless of whether or not it will make the business extra money or not.”

Over the winter months, GardenToolbox has extended their range of items to include garden furniture as well as the more common tools and planting equipment they usually stock. As such, for people looking to spruce up their patio or decking area this summer; take a look at the following link: currently operates on the new, rebranded and constantly growing Online Home Retail Network which at present hosts around 50 websites. These sites sell everything from chainsaws and lawnmowers to electric showers which can be purchased from the following site:

Online Home Retail Limited first started out as Plumbworld Ltd back in 1999 and since then it has been bought by the Grafton Group PLC in 2006 and received a major rebrand in 2012. The business now employs 60 people in its purpose built warehouse/offices and has a total turnover nearing £25 million per year.

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