If it is not safe to breathe how can it be safe to eat?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

When we consider all the precautions that farmers and horticulturalists have to observe as regards to spraying pesticides and herbicides how on Earth can anyone consider the food produced under those conditions safe to eat.

60812824This goes equally for Roundup (Monsanto), as well as other herbicides and pesticides, regardless from whichever maker, and also so-called organic pesticides and herbicides may not actually be safe when it comes to use near food crops. The word organic in that case only means that they are poisons, often very lethal poisons, that are derives from organic rather than from petro-chemical sources.

Yet still the powers-that-be and the agricultural industry, and especially the manufacturers of such chemicals will try to tell us all that just a little thorough washing of the foods will remove the poisons.

When we see farmers and market gardeners spraying such chemicals and wearing full haz-mat suits then how can anyone believe that this is not harmful when ingested through the food-chain.

Many of the poisons that are being sprayed accumulate in the plant and the more the stuff is being sprayed, the more frequently, the higher the concentration. And that is in addition to residues that are on the skin of the fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore our air that we breathe is being contaminated far and wide from the overuse of pesticides and herbicides and everyone seems to be at it; farmers, gardeners, local authorities, etc.

Herbicides are used because of man-power reductions and thus perceived cost savings. Also because too many people seem to be too lazy to actually do some weeding, especially preemptive weeding, that is to say removing the weeds before they have a chance to flower and go to seed.

It is true that this is labor intensive but it is environmentally friendly and -sound and better for man and beast. Hoeing often gives the best results and in that way many weeds can be much better controlled than by use of chemicals. But, that does require actual people working.

While there are rules and regulations covering the use of herbicides and pesticides as regards to spraying them such as not to do it in certain weather conditions, such as when it is windy, those are flouted by farmers, gardeners and especially, it would appear, municipalities.

Herbicides (and pesticides) are applied in the wet and during windy conditions almost regardless and the operators are then blamed when there are complaints.

There are also environmentally friendly alternatives available today, as far as herbicides go, and there is no need to use glyphosate, which is, basically, Monsanto's roundup and which is nothing but Agent Orange, only heavily diluted. The other methods are, however, more expensive and hence the reluctance to use them. And that entirely aside from the fact that Monsanto seems to hold sway over many.

Those of us old enough to remember the Vietnam War surely remember what Agent Orange did to the local population exposed to it as well as to soldiers that handles the stuff. Does anyone really believe that in dilution it is safer than it was when used there on the jungles of South-East Asia? For anyone that does I have some ocean front property for sale in Arizona.

So, let's presume that it isn't safe to breathe it also cannot be safe to eat, regardless of what they try to tell us.

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