Climate Week 2013 Partners

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Climate Week 2013’s Headline Partner is Andrex® Eco, Kimberly-Clark’s first truly pioneering sustainable toilet tissue product.

Climate Week’s Supporting Partners are Crown Paints, Ecotricity and Shields Environmental:
Crown Paints measures the carbon footprint of every product it manufactures.

Ecotricity is changing the way energy is made and used in Britain.

Shields Environmental is integrating the needs of business and the environment for the telecoms sector.

I must say that I cannot understand that such partners as Kimberly-Clark, a company who is responsible for the wholesale destruction of Canada's boreal forests, can even be allowed to be a partner in any climate change or environmental event.

Andrex too is but a British Brand now wholly owned by Kimberly-Clark and thus as tainted as the company and brand of Kimberly-Clark in itself.

Crown Pain, Ecotricity and Shields Environmental are companies the records of which one can live with but the headline partners are a bad choice and it would be best if they would never again appear on the list.

This shows that to the organizers of Climate Week the actions don't matter as long as the cash is forthcoming. No one can tell me that they have no idea of the environmentally destructive practices Kimberly-Clark. Ethics certainly are in very short supply when it comes to money, even in so-called green events, it would seem. Shame!

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