Who rules the world?

Consider who you may not criticize and you know who rules you and your government

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Take a very close look and you will realize who rules the so-called “free world” and it is not the USA, the EU, or any superpower. It is just one particular set of people. It is they also own most of the media outlets in the “free world” and also the banks.

With the exception of not being permitted to criticize the monarchy in some countries, such as in Thailand, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and such like, one nation and group we all, apparently, are not allowed to criticize – and we seem to do so at our peril – especially in the USA, UK, Germany, etc., is Israel, the illegal Zionist entity in Palestine, and Zionists and Zionism in general.

As soon as you dare to criticize Israel and Zionism you are hounded and maligned as being anti-Semitic. However, anti-Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism, regardless whether it is seen as such or not.

So, thus, it becomes obvious, if we use the equation as to those that we are not permitted to criticize are those that rule the so-called “free world”. Those are the ones that are pulling the strings and thus the “free world” is but an illusion.

That even many Jews are critical of the Zionists is not being acknowledged at all and, as far as the USA, the UK, and Germany's governments seem concerned Israel, the illegal Zionist entity, can do no wrong; or so at least it would appear.

The majority of politicians in our countries are either totally blind as to the apartheid and fascism that is being perpetrated in Palestine by the Zionist occupation forces against the Palestinian people or they are being controlled by those powers. Judge for yourself.

We are all either lions led by donkeys, aka jack asses, though that could be an insult, to donkeys, or our “leaders” answer to masters other than the people they are meant to be answerable to. There is but one of two answers.

What I may not criticize rules over me and I am thus that one's slave and it would, to all intents and purposes, appear that such a state of affairs exists between the “leaders” of the so-called “free world” and the Zionists.

They are being ruled, and by virtue of association we are, by an outside entity that has no right over them and our countries and even less over us as individuals.

© 2013