The government controls

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The government controls our water supply (including, in many places in the USA the rainwater, making rainwater harvesting illegal), our food supply, our medical supply, our media, our armed forces, our police. They all our money and all of the most horrifying weapons on earth.

In short, the government controls everything, including and especially each and every one of us.

Do you see anything wrong with that equation? I do!

The fact is that we do not seem to (be able) to control the government, and that is what we should be able to do. They are, to all intents and purposes, our servants and not we theirs.

However, the way things have turned out, and We, the People, have allowed this to happen by demanding more and more (false) security, is that they are intent on controlling us and everything else.

Government control of everything is fascism, regardless of the color of the regime, whether it claims to be democratic, socialist, communist, or whatever. And, in Europe, this control of everything has gotten worse ever since the European Union has usurped the power that is it its to have and use and even more so since none of them – bar the so-called MEPs – are elected. The fact that they are unelected makes the unanswerable to the people and this is a dictatorship regardless of whether the dictate comes from but one man or a group of them. It still is a dictatorship.

The sheeple have been so brainwashed, however, that they are unable to see this and demand more and more security from the government, for which they are prepared to give up their freedoms and expect everyone else to do so too.

But, this is exactly what the powers-that-be want the people to demand and clamor for so that they, the powers-that-be can get more and more power and control over the people, all the people.

Oh, say the sheeple, but we all have to be prepared to surrender some of our liberties so that the police and the security services can keep us safe (from terrorist attacks). But by doing so we give them the little finger and they take not just one hand but both and take away more and more freedoms in the name of needing to make the streets secure, and the Internet, and this, that and the other.

They also think they have to control food by decreeing which seeds and plants we are allowed to grown (and thus eat) and which herbs we can or cannot use (for medicine). All seeds must be licensed in order to be sold and used, and herbal medicine has been outlawed to be sold as medicine, at least in the EU. Though, it has to be said, if the same are referred to as “food supplements” they can, for the time being, still be sold.

The government is trying to tell us what we can eat, what medicines we can and cannot use, what water we can use, and, no doubt, very soon they will tell us where we can and cannot live.

This is wrong and needs to change and this means that we need a new system; not a new government. We need no government, period!

© 2013