The failed democratic experiment

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Democracy is but an illusion to keep the masses quiet and it will never benefit anyone bar the wolves that run the show.

When we talk here about democracy we are talking about the so-called democracy as it is being advocated under capitalism, and by leading proponents such as the USA and the UK, and the European Union.

However, the latter have a very strange view of democracy such as when Ireland rejected the Lisbon Treaty in a people's referendum which, theoretically, should have spelled the end of this treaty and eventually of the EU the latter told the government of Eire to keep having referendums until the people would vote an overwhelming yes. Duh?

This is what democracy is like in many of the countries that claim to be the cradle of modern democracy, such as Britain and the USA also, not just in the European Union.

In Britain, at the time of writing in late Spring of 2013, the people and many of the members of parliament of the Conservative Part are requesting, nay demanding, an “in/out” referendum with regards to the European Union but Prime Minister David Cameron says that he will only give the people such a referendum once the Tories win the next election and not until he has renegotiated the terms of Britain in the EU. That, however, is NOT what the people are asking for. And Labour? Well, they rule out any such referendum, even though the people want one. So much for democracy and the will of the people.

Alone the election results for the anti-EU party, though also a seriously racist and fascist one, for UKIP, the so-called UK Independence Party show that they people want Britain out of the EU but that is not what the politicians want to hear, especially not those that want to control the people, such as Labour.

We must not forget that it was the Labour Party, disguised as New Labour, that wanted to force every man and woman in Britain to have an ID card with fingerprints, iris scan and DNA profile on it in digital form. The government under Cameron and Clegg at least had the sense to toss that one out. Not that the control of the people has lessened.

The Liberal-Democrats also, though having not so much a people control agenda, do not wish to entertain a referendum as to Britain's membership in the EU. One can but wonder why they all want so desperately stay in federation that is doing more harm than good. Somewhere the brown envelope manufacturers are making a fortune.

The aim of the EU and its forerunners, which were but ways of getting the federal Europe established for which Germany and France developed the blueprint just after World War Two, is nothing short of a fascist superstate of a united states of Europe though, probably, not necessarily by that name.

To those of us who have been watching the European Union and its shenanigans over the years, and already under the previous guises of the European Economic Community and then the European Community, it has been clear from almost the very beginning that they were heading to complete what Hitler had begun, only without a war.

People used to say, when it all began and the writing could be seen on the wall, that Germany had won without firing any further shot, and now better than ever before this can be seen clearly.

The European Union is not even a failed democratic experiment; they never intended the European Union to be a democracy in any way, shape or form. From the very beginning those who wanted to be in charge saw to it that they called the shots and when something does not go their way then governments will be told to keep going until the people acquiesce.

When we learn to look behind the scenes then, and only then, will we see the real truth as to each and every so-called modern democracy and will realize that they are but a smokescreen to make the people believe that they, the people, have a say and are in charge.

We need a new system, not any kind of new government. In fact we need no governments at all.

© 2013