GardenToolBox Supports Campaign to Teach Children Gardening in Schools

Teaching children the basics of gardening is just one of the suggestions of activities that should be added to the National Curriculum. Whilst there are various projects out there in support of this, online retailer GardenToolbox has also pledged to help out where possible.

Evesham,  Worcestershire, UK, June 2013 – As GardenToolBox grows frgI_85217_shutterstock_76934827om strength to strength, the lads who put out content for the official blog have been on the lookout for some varied gardening topics to cover and discuss. One hot topic on the blog lately has been the issue of children being taught gardening in schools. The recent RHS Chelsea Flower Show has helped promote the campaign to bring gardening skills to the new generation, specifically through comments by Dame Helen Mirren who has said that “not enough young people garden or even know how to” and it’s a “positive thing” to teach them for their future.

Thomas Mulrooney, part of the marketing team that concentrates on creating quality content, had this to say: “There have been some really interesting gardening topics on the blog lately, and this is definitely one of most popular topics. Unsurprisingly this is an issue that gardeners are very passionate and outspoken about, it’s the future of their hobby and obviously also the future of websites like ours. We’d love the next generation to be as interested in gardening as we are in the GardenToolBox office, so we’re trying to spread the word as much as possible!”

As well as publishing opinion pieces on their blog and reporting comments such as those by Dame Helen Mirren, the GardenToolBox team have taken to social networks. There have been plenty of opinions about how much children should learn about gardening in relation to the other subjects they have to learn, but the general consensus is that it’s a good thing and the government should implement it in the National Curriculum as soon as possible. GardenToolBox fully supports the movement, referencing such exciting developments as the Stroud Valley Projectand Jamie Oliver’s ‘Kitchen Garden Project’.

For the GardenToolBox team, the war for gardening skills always begins at home, as marketing head Scott Morris points out; “Everyone who has kids at the office are really passionate about teaching them gardening skills at home, whether the schools are doing it or not. It’s a fun activity to do with your children; they really love digging holes and putting new plants in. We‘re giving them the opportunity to learn about the world around them, including where the food they eat comes from, and we hope school’s will be more open to doing that as well in the future”.

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