Brighten up the Summer – English Woodlands promoting trees with Summer Foliage

With summer finally coming into its own, English Woodlands are looking to remind customers about the beauty and variety available through summer foliage, not just fruits and flowers.

logoEast Sussex, UK : When making buying decisions, people tend to gravitate towards some of the more overt, standout features of trees and plants. Early flowers and late fruits are closely scrutinised, weighing up the aesthetic and functional possibilities until a satisfying conclusion is reached.

This month, English Woodlands are pulling back from this to focus on a sometimes overlooked characteristic, quality of summer foliage. Once the flowers have faded summer foliage defines the look and feel of a tree for some months, and in the right species can prove to be a truly standout feature. English Woodlands have a number of species just coming into season noted for their unique and varied foliage, and are looking to promote them in the coming months.

Visiting their blog, customers and trade professionals alike can gather information on varies genera and species singled out for the value of their foliage. Acer platanoides ‘Royal Red’ and Acer Platanoides ‘Princeton Gold’ are identified for their impressive stature and tolerance, with beautiful deep red and bright yellow summer foliage, respectively, particularly effective when planted in combination.

The company goes on to discuss species like Sorbus aria Lutescens, or ‘Whitebeam’, which boasts rare, silvery foliage throughout the summer, fully capable of standing out in a crowd. The Japanese maple Acer Palmatum ‘Garnet’ is instead noted for its deep purple hues. Japanese maples stock circulates regularly, and consumers are encouraged to call the company if they have any interest in the group or other questions to post.

With all the new trees and shrubs coming into season, English Woodlands will be promoting through their blogs and newsletters, so keep coming back regularly to find out more.

English Woodlands are now one of the United Kingdom’s leading tree suppliers, having been established in 1919. Through a highly trained team of expert staff and enthusiastic blogging programme they work to keep customers informed of seasonal interest and help their customers satisfyingly complete their planting goals.

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