People avoided the window tax by blocking up their windows

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

733769_547441215276260_1817137701_nPeople avoided the window tax which began in 1698 and ran until 1851 by blocking up their windows.

May be if we would rise up and take off our bedroom doors which would make our homes open plan then the bedroom tax could also be defeated as, without a door a room is not separate. At least not in theory and thus, again in theory, no tax to pay.

It would be good way to make mischief for a ridiculous uncaring government by forcing lots of court cases to prove a point. A point which should never have been raised in the first place.

However, as most people affected by that tax may be living in council, or nowadays housing association, properties where this might not – legally – be possible it might cause more grief. Worth a try it might, nevertheless, be.

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