Owen Paterson, MP, says GM foods safer than conventional foods

Owen-PatersonBritish Environment Secretary (Minister for the Environment), Owen Paterson, says GM foods are safer that conventional foods

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Could someone please tell me what planet this man lives on? It would appear that the brown envelope manufacturers and dealers have had a great day again.

This shows, once again, how many lies this government peddles in order to help their cronies in industries without not even the scantest regard for the people and their health and that of the Planet.

This man is not fit to be minister of the environment and not even fit to be a minister or a member of parliament. Genetically engineered – for that is that they should really be called – foods have not been around long enough to come up with claims, regurgitated and originally made by the proponents of genetically engineered foods on an European and world-wide level, that they are safer (probably) that conventionally grown foods.

We must remember that the Secretary of the Environment gave the speech which contained this rather stupid claim and remark at an institution for genetically engineered crop research and he had to pander to the audience (to give value for money, no doubt).

Questioned after his speech on whether the safety case for GM crops over conventional one was clear cut, Mr Paterson said: “This isn't speculation. We have had a categoric (sic) statement from the (European Commission's) chief scientific officer and you have the biggest field trial in human history when you think of the colossal volume of GM material that has been eaten in all those countries growing GM food.”

Mr Paterson, who ultimately wants the European Union to relax very tight restrictions on growing GM plants, wants to make Britain a center for GM research and development, which has the potential to become a multi-billion pound industry.

Proof, yet again, if proof was needed, that government in the UK, most of the rest of the EU and the USA, is in the pockets of the corporations and that, in fact, the corporations run the ministers.

We do not need a new government, we need a new system without a government.

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