German Internet users will HAVE to buy government approved modem

All other modems will no longer be legal to be used...

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

deutsche_telekom_logoWelcome to the new fascist Europe, for once Germany starts this it will be forced upon the rest of the EU...

The Deutsche Telekom can due to a new legal position force all Internet users (in Germany) to buy a Telekom modem. This modem is Made in China (which one is not, though, I'd like to know) and the old models will have to be thrown away.

The German government apparently, as the Deutsche Telekom is a government agency, hopes for a huge income this way and the total control of the Internet via a state business.

Independent providers are, obviously, very concerned about this move and are ringing the alarm bells as it would appear that the Deutsche Telekom is hellbent to take over all accesses to the Internet. The freedom of the Internet is coming under serious attack here for, I am sure, everyone with just a little foresight can see where this is leading.

While no one has said this as yet it is quite feasible that monitoring devices will be integrated in this modem that everyone will have to use to control entirely which sites someone can visit. The Stasi had nothing on those guys.

It would appear that, aside from wanting to get extra income, the Germany government with this move is intent on controlling the in formation that citizens can access on the Web. This is scary in the extreme and a censorship beyond anything ever envisaged. When re we going to burn books again in Germany? It can't be very long now.

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