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Amish-Made Stand-up Desks Improve Productivity for Restless Desk-Bound Professionals

gI_73877_desk-drawers-openAkron, Ohio, June 11, 2013 : For some office workers, sitting at a desk all day makes concentration difficult, and creativity nearly impossible. Until now, a worker’s best escape included ducking out of the office whenever possible--which is becoming harder to do with webinars and online meetings. A new option from Ohio's Amish country actually brings back a productivity tool from colonial times in America.

"Back in 1770 Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence at a stand-up desk he himself made," explains Akron, Ohio businessman Jim Gattuso. "I became interested in stand-up desks because of my chronic back pain, and I thought who better to help me bring back this great productivity tool than my Amish friends and neighbors? Their furniture-making craftsmanship dates back to colonial times as well, and their handsome creations using traditional techniques are built to last forever."

According to leading authorities on ergonomics and back pain, most people can work better and longer in a standing position. It helps them to be able to shift their hips or move from side to side.

Someone who often gets ideas when they pace would be an especially good candidate for a stand-up desk. And it's good for a lot of people who have different places in their office to work so they can sit or stand. With a stand-up desk you can do either.

All stand-up desks from Amish Country Furniture Sales are hand crafted to order, with not only the desk height customized for the height of the customer, but also the width (up to 5 feet wide), style, type of wood (oak, cherry, mahogany), stain, and other options. The company offers computer desks, writing desks, drafting desks, and others with prices starting at just $895.

“A lot of companies who offer electrical or manual adjustable tables call them stand-up desks. But a stand-up desk and a standing table are two different things,” adds Vicki Gattuso, co-owner of StandUpDesks.Com. "Many stand-up tables have an industrial look that’s more suited to a laboratory or a classroom, not an executive's office. We sell to discriminating executives, military officers, the Pentagon, and people who want a desk that looks and functions like a desk and not just an adjustable table.

StandUpDesks.Com offers the only full size Sit-Stand Executive desk on the market. It’s called the Sit-Stand Executive and it is a true executive desk that is 6 feet up to 7 feet wide and up to 42 inches deep. It has a full set of filing drawers and regular drawers just like any other executive sit-down desk only this desk, with the push of a button, elevates from 31 inches to 49 inches.

"Fans of stand-up office desks include CEOs, computer programmers, attorneys, bankers, writers. We even have desks in The White House," adds Jim Gattuso.

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