Exciting discovery for electric car batteries

After years of research, a ground breaking discovery has been made into recharging car batteries in electric cars. A new patent-pending technology, has been developed by Battery Fueling Ltd, and reduces the time at the pump for electric vehicles to an astonishing four minutes.

gI_85412_Electric_carUK, June 2013 : Battery Fueling Limited is a U.K. registered company with U.S. patent-pending electric vehicle refueling technology. Battery Fueling Ltd (http://www.batteryfueling.com) will enable electric vehicle owners to recharge their electric car batteries in a matter of minutes using a familiar pump-like interface.

This innovative new system swaps out the cells that are depleted, rather than recharging the entire unit, dramatically reducing energy charging time. Just like you use a pump for fossil fuel, you can now ‘fill up’ with freshly charged batteries.

The electric vehicle market is expanding rapidly, and with many countries offering incentives for purchasing electric vehicles this technology offers an exciting, cost effective, innovative solution, and is available for a short time to interested investors.

Problems with current car battery technology:

  • Vehicles can only travel up to 200km on a single charge.
  • Recharging electric car batteries can take many hours.
  • Full battery pack swaps require expensive, heavy machinery.

Electric Car Batteries Market:

The electric vehicle market is growing fast with an expected 3.8 million units to be sold in 2020 (Source: forbes.com/sites/tjmccue/2013/01/03/worldwide-electric-vehicle-sales-to-reach-3-8-million-annually-by-2020/ Retrieved May 21, 2013). However electric cars can only travel up to 200km, before recharging. If it were possible to recharge these cars in a matter of minutes, the market could expand exponentially, reaching those with previous reservations.

The number of cars worldwide is estimated to be over 1 Billion, introducing technology as innovative as Battery Fueling Ltd’s will help to gain a significant share of this market.

Battery fueling limited is currently looking to commercialize its US patent-pending electric vehicle refueling technology and is seeking investors and/or buyers of the technology.

Visit the website below to be one of the first to hear about this new ground breaking technology: http://www.batteryfueling.com

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