The role of the police

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

If you think that the police's job is to serve you and protect you then I suggest that you rethink that rather quickly. While the shield of most police forces in the USA does state “to serve and protect” the truth is a totally different one.

usapoliceIn a ruling some years ago the United State Supreme Court stated that it is not, repeat not, the role and duty of the police to protect and serve the public but that the role of the police is – simply – to enforce the laws.

Anyone who still thinks the role of the police is to do anything other than defend class privilege from the threat of economic and social justice after following events in Turkey needs their head examined.

And Turkey is but one example in a more or less crack pot regime and country anyhow. Demonstration have been almost as brutally smashed in Germany recently and in the UK time and again.

The task of the police today – predominately – appears to the protection of the ruling class and the protection of the 1% from the 99%. Shame that the majority of the officers who use force against the 99% have not, yet, realized that they are – themselves – part of that number and not of the other section.

While the police, such as the Bow Street Runners, from which the Metropolitan Police grew, as well as that of the Surete Nationale, was to keep the people safe from harm and crime things seem very different today.

If, as stated in the ruling by the SCOTUS the police's job is but to enforce the law and not to serve and protect then they are being used to enforce laws, whether just or unjust, and that is not what they are for.

As, because it is, so we are told, the job of the police to protect us from crime and harm, we, the people, are not allowed to protect and defend ourselves and have all self-defense rights (and arms) taken from us, but then the highest court of the land rules that the job of the police is to enforce the law and not protection of people and property, what does that make the people?

The answer is simple, is it not... slaves. Or, in fact, free as a bird, outside the law, who can be set upon by villains and law equally without protection.

© 2013