Organic and Eco-friendly Products at Reduced Pricing Encourages Consumers to Give Them a Try

Stylish Organics offers green lifestyle products below manufacturer's suggested retail as encouragement for all to try. Hemp History Week kicks off a month of savings as June sees 15% off all purchases of organic and earth friendly products at this e-commerce boutique.

gI_73762_Jute Kilimanjaro AMB0305June 11, 2013: With Hemp History Week kicking off the month of June, Stylish Organics is encouraging all to take some time to research the benefits of hemp and other eco-friendly products. By offering their entire inventory of products at a 15% price reduction for the entire month, the ecommerce site is hoping consumers will see this as an opportunity to experience the beneficial properties of organic and sustainable products. "We carry many wonderful green lifestyle products, most made in the USA, that we are offering below the manufacturer's retail pricing." commented Lynn Lavanga, the boutique's owner. "The products we offer are not only healthier for you, but are also kind to the environment."

Among the large selection of savvy earth friendly products, offers personal care, clothing, home decor, jewelry, gifts, and pet products that consider the health of the consumer. For example, in addition to having a negative effect on the environment (a US Geological Survey showed that 80% of US streams tested had one or more of the 95 identified toxic chemicals from pharmaceuticals, hormones, and personal care products), non-organic skin care products and cosmetics are surrounded by health concerns. Parabens, preservatives, and other chemicals used in personal care and make-up products have been linked to many health problems including kidney failure and cancer. Toxins are easily absorbed into your system through your skin, so it is important to be concerned with products you use on your skin. Organic and Natural Skin Care Products avoid the use of toxic chemicals to preserve, color, and fragrance, eliminating health concerns.

As with personal care, organic growing methods for other products such as organic cotton clothing, linens, and home decor, take into consideration the safety of the environment avoiding toxic chemicals that pollute air, soil, or ground water. Products made from sustainable fibers protect natural resources like trees by replacing them with fibers like hemp, bamboo, and lyo-cell. These sustainable resources are self replenishing, eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and are biodegradable. Again, better for the health of the individual and the environment. In the spirit of reducing, recycling, reusing-intercepting materials before they reach a land fill makes less of a negative impact on the environment. Glass for jewelry, paper for gift wrap, and plastic for toys, all result in just the kind of great eco-friendly products offered by Stylish Organics. Worthwhile products at a worthwhile offer, visit their website for a link to the discount coupon.

Stylish Organics is an e-commerce boutique offering a collection of products selected for earth friendly properties from environmentally responsible manufacturers. The company’s easy to shop, one-stop-shopping venue enables those committed to green living to combine savvy styling with earth friendly thinking. Many of their products are made in the USA or are ethically sourced from organizations that globally support women. The boutique is based in Stanton, New Jersey and is available to consumers on-line with shipping provided to locations in the United States and Canada.

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