UN tells Western warmongers that Syrian rebels used WMDs, not the Assad regime

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Carla Del PonteCarla Del Ponte, a senior UN official said evidence from casualties and medical staff indicated that rebel forces in the civil war had used the deadly nerve agent Sarin.

“Our investigators have been in neighboring countries interviewing victims, doctors and field hospitals, and there are strong, concrete suspicions, but not yet incontrovertible proof, of the use of Sarin gas,” said Del Ponte in an interview with Swiss-Italian television.

“This was use on the part of the opposition, the rebels, NOT by the government authorities.”

But, in spite of this the US and the UK authorities claim that they have reliable “intelligence” from “sources” that state that the Assad regime has used Sarin nerve agents.

Sarin, or GB, is an organophosphorus compound with the formula [(CH3)2CHO]CH3P(O)F. It is a colorless, odorless liquid, used as a chemical weapon owing to its extreme potency as a nerve agent. It has been classified as a weapon of mass destruction in UN Resolution 687. Production and stockpiling of sarin was outlawed by the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993 where it is classified as a Schedule 1 substance.

Sarin was discovered in 1938 in Wuppertal-Elberfeld in Germany by two German scientists attempting to create stronger pesticides; it is the most toxic of the four G-agents made by Germany. The compound, which followed the discovery of the nerve agent Tabun, was named in honor of its discoverers: Schrader, Ambros, RĂ¼diger and Van der Linde.

In mid-1939, the formula for the agent was passed to the chemical warfare section of the German Army Weapons Office, which ordered that it be brought into mass production for wartime use. A number of pilot plants were built, and a high-production facility was under construction (but was not finished) by the end of World War II. Estimates for total Sarin production by Nazi Germany range from 500 kg to 10 tons.

Are we looking at the same kind of sources on intelligence that gave us the Iraq war with claims that Saddam Hussein had WMDs which, as we all now know, were never found, despite of all the efforts to find them. You cannot find what is not there. Are we being led into another Iraq with these false claims? It would appear to be thus.

If various sources are to be believed then there are already US troops amassing at the borders of Syria, officially (only) in the form of 500 US Marines, but from other vantage points it would appear that there are Special Forces and others hanging around already as well.

The USA and the UK are using unsubstantiated claims that Assad had used Sarin gas and are using those claims as justification in the same way as they did in Iraq which, infamously, turned out to be a complete and total lie which nobody has ever faced justice for.

Thousands dies on both sides in Iraq and the place is today more dangerous and unstable than it ever was before and the same is happening to Afghanistan, all thanks to US interference.

While Iraq was one thing getting drawn into this presently civil war could cost the West dearly and could cause, the gods forbid, World War Three if we consider the possibility of Israel and Russia becoming involved. Let us not forget where the plains of Armageddon are.

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