Men Reminded This Week That Eating Fresh Fruit Can Create A Healthier Lifestyle

Most men at work, especially if there’s an audience, will likely choose a donut over an apple. Market Fresh Fruit is participating in promoting better eating habits recognizing National Men’s Health Week now through Father’s Day.

gI_65313_MFF_logo_color_centeredSeattle, WA, June 11, 2013 : Is it possible for more men to make better food choices at the office? According to Tom O’Connor, owner of Market Fresh Fruit in Seattle, Washington, it is. The old way of thinking that junk food is for “guys” and eating fruit is for “namby-pambies” can be changed. Fresh fruit delivery is one way businesses can swing behavior towards health when the donut is removed and the choice between an apple or a banana is offered instead.

“Changing the choice architecture makes for healthy eating at work,” said O’Connor, who offers fresh fruit delivery to offices in the Seattle area. “So does placing fruit at or close to eye level.”

O’Connor added that some clients place fruit bowls on top of file cabinets or credenzas, creating the opportunity for easy and healthy choices for workers. “It’s easy to pick up a banana on the way to the copier,” he said.

According to an article in Nebraska’s York News Times by the Four Corners Health Department, “Men take charge of so many parts of their life – their own health shouldn’t be any different.” In Nebraska alone, the article points out that heart disease in particular is one of the top health related deaths in the state. By making better health choices “you can make your daily life better and even give yourself time to celebrate more birthdays and holidays with those you love,” the department stated.

Market Fresh Fruit is a Seattle, WA based company that delivers premium quality, local fruit to the workplace. Since 2010, Market Fresh Fruit is Seattle's only taste-tested office fruit delivery service and is recommended by clients at Fisher Radio, Creative Circle Staffing, and Crane Aerospace. Market Fresh Fruit is owned by Tom O'Connor. Every week, their Fruit-at-Work program delivers just delicious fruit to over 8,000 Seattle area workers helping employers increase productivity and morale, while lowering employee benefit costs by offering workers a healthy snack over candy or empty white carbs like muffins or bagels.

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