Children need more brainwashing time, says government

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The British government wants children “learning” in school from 8am to 6pm or thereabouts and also have less vacation time.

Term times, Minister says, are based on a 19th century agricultural pattern and are now obsolete (as, apparently, are agricultural and horticultural studies and qualifications at schools) and must change. Yes, we must; the Minister and the government.

Children, says Minister, need more brainwashing – oops, erm, education – in order to be able to compete with students from the Far East. Sorry, hate to ask, but what has happened to Europe, our immediate neighbors?

In order to achieve improved brainwashing schoolchildren need to have fewer holidays and shorter ones and must attend school from 8am to 6pm daily. And when, pray, are those children allowed to be children (and get outdoors to play)? At weekends, if they are lucky, and are not going to have to complete assignments, I guess.

In the background of this extending of the school day and the reduction of holiday time have also been murmurings of making school attendance in Britain mandatory (like in Germany). It is currently not in the UK and homeschooling is possible without the need to follow the National Curriculum and only a minimum of two hours per day of actual lessons are home are required.

It is obvious that sooner or later the British government after decades and more of homeschooling being easy would like to introduce the Prussian model of compulsory school attendance as more and more people choose to homeschool and thus they, the government, have no influence over those children's minds.

I mean, consider those children, taught to think and learn for themselves, how dangerous they are to the powers-that-be. And any child who may attend school but in the holidays and such spends too much time at home with parents who teach him or her to question everything also is dangerous. And thus the government clamors for a longer school day and shorter and less vacation time.

Proper indoctrination and brainwashing takes time after all and too much time at home or elsewhere with people, especially parents who teach the child differently would just interfere with the aims of the state.

Time to unschool entirely...

© 2013