Aldi's statement on GM foods

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Genetically Modified (GM) foods

aldi-logo1We know that GM food is controversial and that many of our customers don't want to eat it. That's why we have a 'No GM' policy that requires all of our own label products to be free from GM ingredients.

cornIf Aldi can have such a policy, being a discounter, we can but wonder why no other supermarket chain, as far as I can see, in the UK (and elsewhere), is prepared to go to the same length to do this.

Unfortunately neither Aldi nor any other store chain can extend this to others than their own label products as (other) food manufacturers will not play fair when it comes to this issue in the same way as, for reasons of costs, they will happily, until found out, use horse meat disguised as beef. All for profit and the same goes for using GMOs in foods. The profit in the latter case, more than likely, comes from the brown envelopes offered by the manufacturers of those ingredients in the same way that they, so it would seem, give nice sums to politicians in return for their support of GMOs.

It is time the system got changed and the people really had a say in what they want to eat but that, as we can see by the rulings of the EU is a definite no, no. The powers-that-be now rule what we can eat and even what we can – legally – grow in our own gardens and allotments for food.

We don't need a new government; we need a new system.

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