EarthHack Tech Innovation Competition

challengemedia-33-a97bfb9a1346686887dd9dfdf4e92a17The EarthHack is an international, inter-disciplinary competition which asks entrants to re-imagine technology to create a more sustainable, low-carbon home. It is run by The Climate Group in partnership with UK start-up Marblar, with the support of Ikea and Philips. The top prize is US$15,000.

Today, 16% of all waste generated in society, 31% of all energy consumed, and 10% of all fresh water used is consumed in and around our homes, data from the United Nations Environment Programme reveals. The EarthHack will counter this. By re-purposing existing science and technology we can create and conserve energy within the home.

Launched on May 29, there have been over a 100 entries to date. The entries tackle many household waste and energy consumption issues, encompassing everything from residential biochar converters to intelligent showers.

The judges are a panel of experts including Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith, former Director General of CERN, current Director of Energy Research at University of Oxford Professor Sir Richard Friend, Cavendish Professor of Physics at University of Cambridge.

Winners will receive:

  • Share in a prize pot of US$25,000

  • Receive their award in New York during Climate Week NYC 2013

  • Work with 1000s of bright minds across the globe to create brand new applications

  • Work on a tested, and truly global, crowdsourcing platform

  • Get valuable feedback from experts at IKEA and Philips on the business potential of their idea.

A live Google+ Hangout will be held on June18 which will offer competitors an invaluable chance to gain expert advice and insight on creating a sustainable home, as well as a great chance to find out what the judges are specifically looking for. By logging onto The Climate Group Facebook or Google+ pages or tweeting @ClimateGroup followed by the #EarthHack hashtag, interested parties will be able to submit questions in advance.

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