The Southern Green Living Expo Announces Green Dining Experience

Food from local Asheville restaurants will take over “traditional concession stand” at the 2013 event, offering culinary highlights from this green dining destination.

gI_146838_734133_448355735235498_1330907458_n-1Asheville, NC : The Southern Green Living Expo will offer a green dining experience during the October 4-6, 2013 event at the U.S. Cellular Center in Asheville, NC. Past expos and events at the U.S. Cellular Center have offered the “traditional concession stand” - hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and soda. The green expo will have food choices from local Asheville restaurants that have green dining practices, offer farm to table cuisine or independent local establishments.

The Green Sage is the first restaurant of 10 to confirm their participation in this expo. "We are very excited to be a part of the Culinary Experience at this year's Southern Green Living Expo," says Randy Talley, president of The Green Sage. "We really connect with the Expo's mission to educate and encourage the public to live a healthier, greener lifestyle."

Asheville was named the only green dining destination earlier this year, with 15 certified Green Restaurants. “I am both proud and honored that the Green Restaurant Association has designated Asheville as America’s first Green Dining Destination™. Asheville’s 15 Certified Green Restaurants® are leading the way toward zero waste, energy independence, and sustainable food… When you visit Asheville you will have an amazing selection of extraordinary green restaurants,” said Asheville’s Mayor, Terry M. Bellamy.

The Southern Green Living Expo, is dedicated to educating the public about easy and workable solutions for sustainability. “Our commitment to encourage the public to go green starts with the food we eat,” says Tim Alexander, producer of The Southern Green Living Expo. “Asheville is the only green dining destination in the U.S. and on the verge of becoming a more popular foodie destination than Charleston, SC. How could we not offer local food choices at our expo.”

Southern Green Living Expo is the largest green living expo in the Southern Region of the U.S.A. Seeking to turn values into action to achieve the highest quality natural environment, healthier living, and regional economic growth. The expo will be held in one of America’s Greenest Cities, Asheville, NC October 4-6, 2013 at the US Cellular Center.

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