Mayan Telesummit turns fears of 2012 ‘Apocalypse’ into hope for ‘Unification’

Founder and Spiritual Leader of Tinamit Junan Uleu-Earth Peoples United Mayan Spiritual Guide OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez inspired a dozen Mayan Spiritual Leaders, Scientists and Anthropologists to travel to Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala and use the telephone to share with the world their ancient and contemporary perspectives on Dec 21, 2012, the date incorrectly known as the end of the Mayan Calendar. The International Mayan Telesummit titled: “Messages from the Heart of the Mayan Lands” was hosted by Living Awake, Mayan Shamanism and Tinamit Junan Uleu- Earth Peoples United. After decades of watching quietly while others share perspectives on the wisdom encoded in the Mayan calendar, spiritual leaders of this ancient living Mayan culture used modern technology to offer the world what has been passed down through oral tradition over thousands of years. Audio recordings of the 2012 Mayan Telesummit are available at

Yreka, CA, May 2012 : Last month, Tinamit Junan Uleu – Earth Peoples United, Mayan Shamanism and Living Awake hosted a four-day International Mayan Telesummit: Messages from the Heart of the Mayan Lands. The event touched more than 3,000 people throughout the Americas, Canada, Africa, Europe, China, Australia and New Zealand and featured Mayan Spiritual Leaders, Scientists and Anthropologists.

Representatives from the living Maya of Guatemala traveled to Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala to share their ancient and contemporary perspectives on Dec 21, 2012, the date incorrectly known as the end of the Mayan Calendar. Using today’s modern technology, the message was received over the telephone and broadcast through cell phones, telephones and computers into homes all over the world. (Recordings are available)

On day two of the summit, one of the last living Tz’utujil Maya elders of Lago Atitlan, Guatemala Tat Pedro Cruz spoke passionately in Spanish—his second language-- which was then translated into English, “There is much information saying that it is end of the world. We have not been sharing this. We are sharing that it is a change of time. This is our message to the world – it is that we can become one. Let’s support each other. Let’s help each other. Let’s greet the new sun. Let’s greet the sky and the earth, the stars, the sacred wind; because our minds are one. This is our wish.”

In March, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory released a video providing compelling evidence that regardless of the noteworthy changes happening on planet earth, it isn’t possible that the world ends on Dec 21, 2012. While the video confronts the modern myths pertaining to how the world might end, the video doesn’t provide why this “shifting of the ages” – the completion of a 26,000 year cycle of life is significant to the Mayan people, not as “apocalypse” but as a time to prepare their families and communities for changes to come.

Known by the Maya as the Oxlajuj B’aqtun, Dec 21, 2012 is not just an ending, but a beginning. While some of the presenters highlighted Dec 21 as a “profound change of time”, others focused on the need for human beings to unite themselves and remember the heart of what we all share, our earth. Unlike the hype and commercialization of this topic through the mainstream media and Hollywood, the voices of the Maya carried a balance and harmony from within, something that seemed to genuinely punctuate the power of the message. Unlike our modern minds which appear to thrive on polarization, the Maya demonstrated how a great diversity of perspectives can be held as a unifying principal rather than a dividing one.

When a caller asked Kaqchikel Mayan Aj’qij Nan Amalia Tun Chinico a question over the phone during the summit, Nan Amalia responded, “The recommendations and actions I would give in this moment is first: to be more spiritual; to seek peace and harmony with ourselves; respect ourselves as we are, and also accept other people the way that they are. Because each person is a ‘world,’ and that is why on this Mother Earth we are all different. But if we all accept ourselves the way that we are, then we would be able to live in harmony.”

Founder and Spiritual Leader of Tinamit Junan Uleu-Earth Peoples United OmeAkaEhekatl life’s work has been the fertile soil to give life to the summit, “Many years ago, the Mayan elders of Guatemala asked me to share the message of the indigenous people of the world with the rest of our human relations- a message they have talked about (and a way of being they have lived) for thousands of years.”

In addition to presentations by OmeAkaEhekatl, the summit featured experts in hieroglyphic writing, anthropology, codices (the codes contained in the Mayan Calendar), artists, indigenous rights activists and one of the last living Tz’utujil Maya elders of Lago Atitlan.

OmeAkaEhekatl feels the messages expressed during the Mayan summit are being spoken at a critical time on the planet and stresses how important it is to gather our entire human family. From his perspective, both indigenous and non-indigenous peoples must come together to see us through this great transition. No one should be left behind.

OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez is available for interview by emailing Nan Heddi at heddil(at)gmail(dot)com. Dozens of quotes from summit presenters are available for those interested in the story. Topic areas include: 2012, Human Rights, Consumerism, Food, Agriculture, Youth and Spirituality.

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