The 'Green' Help, Offers a Cleaning Regimen That Infuses Wellness

Online green cleaning company introduced to the public its line of eco-friendly cleaners. Made of natural ingredients from Peru, the company promises consumers a cleaning regimen that effectively cleans and promotes wellness.

Miami, FL, May 2012 : Unreasonable high and low temperatures, series of natural calamities, it doesn't take a genius to know that all of those is because of years of environmental abuse. And knowing that it is high time for everybody to make a move and help save the planet, introduced its line of green cleaners that infuse wellness.

A leading online company in the green cleaning industry, MyCleaningProducts offers a cleaning regimen that benefits the environment without forgetting the effectiveness that cleaners must possess. With its products, it promotes green cleaning and healthy living.

The ingredients that the company uses to produce its eco-friendly cleaners are from nature. Specifically, they are from remote locations in Peru.

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With the said natural and unique ingredients, the company formulated cleaning solutions that can effectively keep a home clean. And as it has been said, those ingredients also promote wellness And that is through their soothing and calming fragrances.

As it is from Peru where the natural core elements of MyCleaningProducts are from, the company considers it's just right to give back to the people who made it possible to produce beneficial cleaning solutions. It decided to partner with “Salud & Musica” Foundation in building schools for the unfortunate children. Hence, with every purchase of the company's cleaners, consumers also become a part of a charity work.

MCP produces several non-toxic cleaning products. It got Bed Bug Bully for killing blood-fed bed bugs, Rusterizer for rust removal, Molderizer and Safe Shield for mold remediation and prevention and many other green cleaning solutions.

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And as a special Mother's Day promo, is giving 17% off in all of its solutions. Consumers just have fill-in the promo code “MOMMA” at checkout to take advantage of the discount. However, the treat is only valid until Sunday. And so, MCP advised all moms and “going greeners” out there to place orders today.

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