Latcham Direct announced finalist for Energy Efficiency 2012 award

The 2012 Sustainability Live Awards announced marketing communications provider Latcham Direct as a finalist for the National SME award for Energy Efficiency.

The Environment and Energy awards celebrate excellence and innovation from businesses and are seen as one of the highest accolades for sustainability in the corporate sector.

The SME award for Energy Efficiency is aimed at organisations that recognise the importance and value of good energy efficiency but have limited resources and manpower to do so.

To meet the criteria of the award, Latcham Direct had to demonstrate measures taken to reduce energy usage and provide proof of the significant results achieved.

These measures included working closely with Business Link to identify methods to cut costs and to reduce the environmental impacts of the business. In addition to switching energy supplier and installing LED lighting, over the last 12 months Latcham Direct has seen electricity usage fall by over 11% and gas use by over 28% - in total representing 80 tons less of CO2.

Mike Hughes, Managing Director of Latcham Direct comments; “We are very proud of our environmental credentials and our ability to support the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of our clients. People want to know what they can do to reduce environmental impact, not just by using less energy in planes, cars and domestic heating, but also in their business purchasing choices. This is especially important when it comes to choosing a print and direct marketing provider and as we have demonstrated it isn’t just about using recycled paper!”

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