Woe the dissidents against the US government

Internment, resettlement and re-education not just for foreign “enemies” of America

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

From what is emerging from reputable sources freedom is under attack and nowhere more so than in the United States of America, the very country that always sets itself up as the great teacher in all things democracy and freedom.

When one considers, however, the recently signed into law “Defense Act” in which indefinite detention has been legalized, and also even targeted assassinations, of every American citizen at home and abroad, then everyone should realize that freedom in the USA and elsewhere is very much under attack.

While some “patriots” have been under the illusion that this would only apply to foreigners and real “terrorists” the truth that is emerging is an entirely different one.

The way in which the authorities in the United States, and elsewhere, have been and are treating the protesters of the Occupy Movement” also should provide proof and evidence enough as to which direction America, and not just America, is headed. Protesters have been treated and labeled as terrorists.

In Britain things are also getting tight in that – officially initially only for during the London 2012 Olympics – all protests and demonstrations have been declared illegal and any that should happen in spite of the blanket ban will be regarded as acts of terrorism and every participant as a terrorist. But it is the US that we shall concern ourselves with for the moment.

Some people have been misleading American patriots for years now with and about non-existent FEMA concentration camps, and Alex Jones, agent of the Zionist regime, in the forefront. There is, however, no need for FEMA to get involved and build any such camps as they already exist. They are called “military installations”.

A recently discovered and leaked Army Field Manual FM 3-39.40 INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS deals with the Army and its Military Police, and the Security Police of both the Navy and the Air Force no doubt will also be allowed to have a part to play in this, having been tasked with the internment, resettlement and re-education of dissidents, including and especially American dissidents.

It would appear American patriots, and others, in any country of the world, who disagree with US government policy, the POTUS, etc., can now be detained without a warrant for an indefinite period without trial, sent into internal exile in the USA and for re-education.

The United States government also gives itself the right to arrest, remove from whichever country, and then detain foreign citizens, as well as Americans.

Also, provisions have been made to kill any of those that they deem “a treat to US interests” (please note that it says “US interests” and not “US national or US security interests”) and who they consider incorrigible. Such targeted assassinations, in fact, have already happened. How many, however, we do not know. Even the Soviet Union in the heyday of Stalinism did not go that far ever.

Welcome to Gulag USA, I guess...

© 2012