Loesche Elementary School and ShoeBox Recycling Collaborate to Recycle Shoes

ShoeBox Recycling Proceeds to Fund Technology Needed at School

Philadelphia, PA, May 2012 : Today, local Philadelphia public school, Loesche Elementary, in partnership with ShoeBox Recycling, introduced a school wide shoe recycling program for all of their students, faculty, families, and community members to participate in. With ShoeBox Recycling bins placed throughout the school students are encouraged to responsibly discard of their gently used shoes. This life lesson is critical in the Loesche Learners are Leaders mantra. ShoeBox Recycling is aligned with raising awareness and improving education at all levels about the need to participate regularly in shoe recycling, where all of the secondhand goods collected are destined for reuse.

"We are thrilled to become a part of a program that encourages Loesche Learners to be Leaders not just at school, but to have a global impact through the new shoe recycling program and in a small way, touching the lives of others, which is a concept we enforce daily at Loesche," said Victoria Velazquez, Principal of Loesche Elementary. “The funds raised from this program will be used towards purchasing additional SMART boards and technology for the school. We are working hard to use innovative solutions in our classrooms that open the world of possibilities to our learners,” continued Velazquez.    

ShoeBox Recycling is proud to be a for-profit recycler of shoes. They have flipped the recycling triangle upside down and have mastered the most powerful ‘R,’ REUSE, with all of the shoes collected destined for reuse by those in need of affordable footwear. With over 300 million pairs of perfectly reusable shoes hitting landfills each year, they are looking to change the way people think about their shoes.

"Shoe recycling needs to become as familiar to us all and as easy to perform as bottle, can, and paper recycling,” said Lisa Pomerantz, Queen of Sole at ShoeBox Recycling. “Our collaboration with Loesche Elementary School is a great way to get this important message out. Our shoes can live on and help people across the world while we inspire a new generation to act responsibly.”

ShoeBox Recycling is proud to be a for-profit recycler of shoes. Founded in 2011 with a mission to recycle as many pairs of shoes as possible while offering the opportunity to find your SoleMate in the process. With over 300 million pairs of shoes hitting landfills each year, ShoeBox Recycling is looking to change the way people think about their shoes and the need for reuse around the globe. ShoeBox Recycling is headquartered in Fairless Hills, PA.

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