GardenToolbox Launches Spear & Jackson Range Online

The e-commerce website specialising in garden tools and various other gardening equipment, GardenToolbox, has just added an entirely new range of Spear & Jackson branded products to its website;

GardenToolbox introduces Spear & Jackson products to the website in its latest update

Formed in 1830, Spear and Jackson specialises in a range of hand tools, including gardening tools. Now they are owned by parent company Neill Tools. The Spear & Jackson Group now manufactures and distributes garden tools, woodworking tools and magnetic equipment around the world.

The new Spear & Jackson range consists of around 250 products, including everything from garden spades to hand trowels and sprinklers to loppers.

Lee Taylor, General Manager at GardenToolbox, said: “We’re delighted to be able to sell this range of Spear & Jackson tools on our website. They are very high quality tools, as well as being well priced. We think they’ll prove very popular with our customers.”

There is great variety within this range as Lee goes onto explain: “There is just so much in this range. There’s a number of garden spades; digging spades, border spades, trenching spades, as well as hand forks, rakes, secateurs, hoes and edging forks. Spear & Jackson know what they’re doing with these tools, so whether it’s a heavy duty garden renovation job or just pruning the roses, there’s a tool that is perfect for the job. These tools are great for both professional gardeners and back garden enthusiasts.”

However, it’s not just gardening hand tools in the range. There are a number of garden watering products, including a variety of brass hose connectors and Rainforest Ecological sprinklers. These sprinklers are designed to save water, money and time. With low water consumption and variable coverage, they are intended for either small or large gardens.

All 250 products are now live on the GardenToolbox website having been added by the Marketing Team. Tim Hodge, Website Administrator, said: “This upload was a big job but it was a good one. We wanted to make each product look as good as possible so we’ve included high quality images and detailed descriptions and specifications. Also, because of the wide variety of different products in this range, we had to think carefully about how we would group each item. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for customers to find what they’re looking for, to make the shopping experience on GardenToolbox as pleasant as possible. We really think we’ve achieved that and we think the Spear & Jackson products will sell really well.”

GardenToolbox continues to expand the range of products it has on offer and these new additions are just the latest example of that.

GardenToolbox operates under the Plumbworld Network name which boasts an astonishing 50+ websites selling everything from pillar drills and baths to cordless power tools and decorating tools. Plumbworld was an early pioneer of online trading, started by James and Anita Hickman in 1999 and sold to the Grafton Group PLC in December 2006. The business now employs more than 50 people in its purpose built warehouse and offices and has a total turnover in excess of £18 million and is growing at more than 20% year on year.

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