Elho, Elho, Elho. GardenToolbox Adds a New Range of Garden Plant Pots

The fantastic new range of Elho plant pots and planting accessories have been added to the GardenToolbox website over the past week. The UK’s go-to garden retailer has now optimised the products ready to sell to the public, check them out – http://www.GardenToolbox.co.uk

Elho there. The new Elho product range graces the GardenToolbox website.

Evesham, Worcestershire : Quite often GardenToolbox receives new product lines and various ranges of equipment to put on; but the Marketing department at GardenToolbox haven’t seen anything like this for some time.

The new upload consisted of over 1,200 products, ranging from simple garden plant pots to some extremely planting equipment which has extraordinary twists to the original concepts. It is thought that these products were inspired and created to combat everyday problems that gardeners and green-thumbs face. Only time will tell if these garden products are in fact problem-solving devices.

James Cook of the Marketing squad at GardenToolbox provided a few comments on the most recent upload. “We don’t see things like this very often, it’s usually a couple of garden planters here, some garden tidying equipment there and so on. This however, blew us away completely. The spreadsheet of over 1,000 products came over – a huge range of sizes, colours, shapes and uses, we could barely comprehend what was going on.”

The new manufacturer, Elho has only just started selling their products in the UK, being primarily based in the Netherlands and creating quite a name for themselves over there; they decided it was time to venture abroad.

GardenToolbox are always more than happy to help overseas suppliers get a look into the UK market, especially when the products are so innovative and well priced as these.

James continued on from his earlier comment; “It took us a long while to get these products uploaded simply because they aren’t the straightforward plant-pots you’d expect. Some have huge lists of features that you just wouldn’t expect. In some troughs there were easy-watering solutions incorporated, allowing the soil to feed more water into the roots through a simple watering mechanism. Then there were others which had built-in wheels to the base which helped manoeuvre heavy plants without sacrificing stability of the pot. You don’t expect to see useful things like this attached to regular plant pots – talk about ‘out of the box’ thinking; Elho were nowhere near the box when they designed some of these products. Truly revolutionary gardening equipment would sum this up perfectly!”

Not only have the marketing team managed to get this uploaded with a minimal turnaround, they’ve also blended all these new products in seamlessly with their existing garden tools range. These guys genuinely do deserve a medal, or brownies.

GardenToolbox operates under the Plumbworld Network name which boasts an astonishing 50+ websites selling everything from an electric shower and hedge trimmers to toilet seats and a huge variety of towel rails. Plumbworld was an early pioneer of online trading, started by James and Anita Hickman in 1999 and sold to the Grafton Group PLC in December 2006. The business now employs more than 50 people in its purpose built warehouse and offices and has a total turnover in excess of £18 million and is growing at more than 20% year on year.

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