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One Small Step for You, One Giant Leap for a Greener Office

It’s Thursday. It’s Green Office Week. It’s time to Focus on Purchasing! There’s never been a better time to take a closer look at what’s lurking in the stationery cupboard, or to double-check what’s been placed on that company order form! If you’re looking for an idea to get your office started, why not have a stationery amnesty day? You can encourage everyone to bring along what they are hoarding on their desks, think about what equipment is being used and review how everyone is ordering their supplies – and perhaps you can combine orders to reduce deliveries? It all helps to make a difference!

It turns out there’s plenty of room for improvement too. Only one in five office workers currently choose environmentally-friendly office supplies despite the fact that there is a wealth of green options available. Remember to look for products that use FSC paper, sourced from responsibly-managed forests, and products that are recyclable, reducing the consumption of valuable resources.

So take the chance today to review your office supplies and take another step towards creating a more sustainable work place. Visit the Avery eco-friendly products page on the GOW website to see what Avery can do to help you help the environment. And, take a moment to check out the tools and tips available on the GOW website for Thursday, including our fantastic Green Offices for Dummies guide, full of useful advice and ideas to get you on your way to a greener workplace.

Who will be crowned winner of the Green League? With less than 24 hours remaining, make sure you log in and do your tasks as it could make a real difference. A Tiebreaker question has been added in case we have a draw tomorrow. This question task is worth a staggering 100 points!

So, will it be Dave Vickerstaff or Susan Middler, our current league leaders? Will a green league outsider sweep up the table and steal the top prize?

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