Hanging Clothes in Small Spaces

Review of Aisen foldable hangers

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The Japanese sure know a thing or two about living in small spaces and also in keeping spaces somewhat uncluttered, a little like the Shakers, and have designed the appropriate products for this too.

Aisen, a company from Japan whose products are designed in Nippon, though made in China, represented in the UK through Kusha Corporation, has some great products in this field and I have already reviewed already, which were two of the laundry airers that they make.

Many of us, even if our homes are not all that small probably find that we have way too many shirts and such to actually fit on hangers in our wardrobes and closets. I certainly fall into that category.

LK471_1 The two Aisen products I shall be looking at here are great aids to combat the claustrophobia in the closet. They can be used in many ways and one comes with rather ingenious foldable hangers that are built-in to boot.

I must say that it took me a while to discover that fact but found it to be rather brilliant. Shirts can be taken off and put on without much ado and with the greatest of ease.

LK431_01 The other one requires the use of your own hangers but is equally useful and seeing that you can use any kind of coat hangers on that one can also hold jackets and trousers.

I find both foldable hangers absolutely indispensable by now as I do have a variety of location where I do like to have certain garments handy. Those areas, however, do not have the amount of hanging space for the traditional hangers and thus the two Aisen products I was allowed to review fulfill a great services here.

The LK471, Foldable 6-tier Shirt Hanger, has got two hooks and can thus also be hung on a clothes rail, such as in a closet, though can also, by use of just one hook, hung over a door or on a coat hook.

It has also a rather ingenious metal brace that can be used to, even by just using one hook, to keep the bar in a variety of positions, including horizontally. I do, however, prefer to drop it down as it, in that way, takes up little space.

The LK431, Foldable 5-Hook Indoor Laundry Hanger, has only got one hook and either hangs over a door or over a coat peg or such. It has also a locking device that can keep the bar in a number of positions but, again, I rather have it dropped down to save space.

The former, the LK471, has built-in foldable hangers, while for the latter, the LK431, you can use your own coat hangers.

Those Aisen products are absolute ingenious devices that also would be, I am sure, appreciated by anyone caravaning or boating.

Oh, did I say that I love those products. If not, the case is that I do.

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