Bag Warehouse Links Promotional Tote Bags to Increased Brand Awareness with Low Cost-Per-Impression.

Recent Surveys, and client testimonials, indicate that Promotional Tote Bags with company or event logo are the lowest cost-per-impression giveaway item with high brand awareness.

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Santa Ana, CA : In recent years corporations and annual conferences have scrapped promotional tote bags in an effort to reduce costs, not realizing that tote bags are actually one of the lowest cost-per-impression promotional items available. Bag Warehouse, a promotional bag provider, has worked to educate clients on the importance of continuing to market during the down economy. Clients that took the leap, and spent the money on promotional tote bags despite their budgetary concerns, were nothing less than thrilled with their decision.

Bag Warehouse VP of Sales and Marketing, Alexandra Andersen, commented that “a client recently told us that while she walking the retail area near the conference center where her event was being held, she saw many of the attendees out and about using none other than the promotional tote bag that had been provided at the conference. She saw the event logo being “toted” around town for all to see. What better advertising could one ask for?”

Additional proof of the high awareness, low cost-per-impression promotional tote bag achievement comes from a recent survey by the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI) The survey showed that customers/recipients use promotional tote bags more than 9 times a month, and have had their oldest promo bag for an average of over 4 years! Further results displayed the average cost-per-impression for an imprinted promo bag is only $0.002, compared to $0.033 for an ad in a national magazine, with each custom imprinted or logoed bag averaging 1,038 impressions a month.

Just imagine the places your brand might travel on a promotional tote bag? Thousands of people at an airport. High-level executives around the office. Hundreds of people at the Grocery store. The places your logo will go are endless, so don’t forgo the promotional tote bags this year!

Bag Warehouse is a promotional bag wholesaler that sells directly to corporate buyers, groups, organization, conference or event planners and associations. Bag Warehouse is headquartered in Santa Ana California, and maintains production facilities for imprinted or embroidered promotional bags on the East and West coasts. Bag warehouse offers custom imprinted promotional bags in the following categories: tote bags, meeting bags, brief bags, travel bags, sports related bags, and brand name bags.

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