NEW Real Bread Campaign anthem

Wojtek Godzisz’s silly loaf song

Wojtek Godzisz, founding member and main songwriter of late '90s teen punk tearaways Symposium, has taken a break from cooking up his second solo album to bake an anthem for the Real Bread Campaign.

A teaser for the track is released today (8 May) to coincide with the start of Real Bread Maker Week. Catch it at 

Wojtek said: ‘I share my life with a fantastic Real Bread baker, but not everyone’s so lucky. It’d be great to think that this song might help inspire people to join the Campaign and get baking or buying delicious Real Bread.’

Campaign coordinator Chris Young added: ‘Having experienced Woj’s passion and sheer musical talent, both on stage and in the studio, I just knew he’d nail the Campaign’s rallying cry…and so he did.’

With a promo clip created by Campaign supporter Mandy Jennings, the track was written, performed and produced by Godzisz, with lyrics by Young. The full length version is scheduled for release around Lammas - 1 August.

Part of Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming, and funded by the Big Lottery Fund’s Local Food programme, the Real Bread Campaign helps to bring additive-free loaves back to the hearts of local communities, and finds ways to make bread better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet.

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