Charity Shops are now officially cool and trendy

Forget designer stores, even Kate Moss shops at Charity Shops now

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

While she may be one of the most famous super models in the world, Kate Moss is not, so it would appear, unless it is a publicity stunt, let that go to her head.

The beautiful model was spotted in London recently having a good old rummage through her local Oxfam Charity Shop. If it is for real then one can but say in the good ol' Ozzie slang... Good on ya!

Kate must have realised (just many of us have by now... at least I hope so) how many amazing things you can find in a charity shop that you wouldn’t find in a mainstream store.

There are so many unique and unusual things you can pick up from your local thrift store, from home ware and books to some truly original fashion.

Personally I must stay well clear of charity shops nowadays as I have well too many book bought from there that, it would appear, I will never find the time to read. Same wish shirts. I mean I love nice comfortable shirts and many real good ones can be found for little to nothing in charity shops but I have far too many now. One can only wear one shirt at a time.

And this is not the first time Kate Moss has done the green and eco movement proud.

She is completely vegan (I am not but am leaning towards a mostly vegetarian route nowadays) and loves nothing more than taking a little vacation by train.

Let us hope that Kate Moss' example may inspire others to go the same route as to where to shop.

Mind you, if everyone did it charity shops soon would put their prices up and also might soon be running out of stuff to sell.

There is always a but, isn't there?

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